Training is crucial to giving school staff the confidence to understand domestic and sexual violence.

In Bristol we have an abundance of high quality, free training which is available right now for school staff to enrol on. Much of which will count towards your schools standards.

Bristol Ideal Training

We run our own bespoke schools training around understanding and preventing domestic and sexual violence. These will help you achieve Standard 5.1 ‘Staff Training’.

Monday 23 January 2017 and Wednesday 22 March 2017.

We thoroughly recommend you attending alternative local training such as the BAVA ‘Understanding Domestic Abuse’, or, if you are a secondary school, the 4YP ‘Healthy Relationships and Teen Abuse’ course (see below). This will help you pass Bristol Ideal Standard 5.1.


Bristol’s PSHE CPD course runs annually at a cost of £325. Apply by emailing: The course is 4 full days over an academic year, starting in Autumn of each academic year.

Other Training in Bristol


  • Understanding domestic violence and abuse

4YP Bristol

Over 20 courses including:

  • Healthy relationships and Teen Abuse
  • Pornography, Sexting and Young People
  • Sexual Exploitation and Grooming


    • Female Genital Mutilation
    • Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence
    • Safeguarding Adolescents
    • Sexual Abuse and Child Protection
    • Sexual Exploitation and Child Protection
    • Understanding Children/Young People who have engaged in Sexually Problematic/Harmful Behaviour



Ending domestic and sexual violence through education