More schools get Bristol Ideal award

We’re really pleased to announce that at our annual award ceremony today, the following schools were awarded with  Bristol Ideal Awards:

Bristol Gateway School

They have been working tremendously hard to achieve not only the Bristol Ideal award, but also the Mayors award for Excellence. This shows their commitment to on-going support for their Young People, particularly as a secondary school for students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health, Education, Health and Care Plan’s.

Fonthill Primary School

They have worked extremely hard and Fonthill have been particularly focussed on working more with parents and encouraging them to be involved in workshops at that school, especially around E-Safety and relationship and sex education.

Cotham School

Bristol Free School

Bristol Free School have all been working exceptionally hard and their attitude and commitment to this award have been inspiring.

St. Matthias Park Pupil referral unit

The work here has been outstanding. The commitment to on-going support for their pupils is obvious, with a dedication to teaching high quality PSHE, supporting whole heartily all of their young people to learn and grow.