Involve your school

woman checking paperworkDomestic and sexual violence and abuse are major public health issues that cost the city over £40 million per year.

There will undoubtedly be children in your school that are suffering from it and the effects are far reaching.

Bristol’s schools are in a unique position.  They play a crucial role in not only protecting young people from domestic abuse, but preventing it in the first place through education.


The Bristol Ideal

As such, we have created a set of standards for schools to aspire to called The Bristol Ideal. The standards are based on what we know will make a lasting impact on preventing domestic and sexual abuse while supporting pupils and staff who might be victims.

Once achieved, schools will receive The Bristol Ideal award.

We will provide you with the Bristol Ideal Pack including lesson plans, training and resources to help you achieve The Bristol Ideal. All are listed on this website.

This project is part of the city’s strategy for ending violence and abuse and will cover:

  • Domestic violence and abuse (DVA) including teen abuse
  • Sexual violence & rape
  • Forced marriage and so-called honour based violence
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Human trafficking/ sexual exploitation
  • Sexual harassment/ sexual bullying

Support for the Bristol Ideal

The project has citywide support and as such is linked into:

  • Bristol Safeguarding Children’s Board’s Strategic Priorities 2013- 16
  • Avon and Somerset Police Crime Commissioner’s Priorities
  • Bristol’s Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy
  • Bristol’s Healthy School’s programme
  • Bristol Youth Select Committee’s Manifesto

We know it will take time, but this work is essential to promoting healthy relationships and tackling domestic and sexual abuse. Prevention work like this saves money and saves lives and your role in this is vitally important.

Thank you very much for your support. We look forward to the prospect of awarding Bristol Ideal status to your school.

Ending domestic and sexual violence through education